Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zunify?

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Zunify's  payment unifies the financial system into a single app to facilitate the customers' shopping experience through remote payments, on-site or online.

What benefits does Zunify bring to the banking system?

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We bring a more efficient cost structure and also support the immediate digital transformation of financial institutions, using the latest technology in payment  and fraud detection. Our platform has been designed for issuers, acquirers and other fintech companies to participate in our network and offer users their value-added payment products.

Is it a safe platform?

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We use cutting edge technology that customers, businesses and financial entities can use safely, reliably and free of charge. Our network also allows to unify physical and electronic businesses' payments in the same system. We eliminate the risk of using fixed identification numbers present on credit or debit cards.

We want our clients to feel secure while using our app, that's why we maintain direct communication with the costarican regulatory entities, who are constantly monitoring the security of our platform.

How was Zunify born?

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We were born in 2019 when our founder found himself long in disdain for using cash and having a wallet overflowing with all kinds of plastic cards, from loyalty programs and coupons to credit and debit cards, not to mention that endless collection of receipts taking up unnecessary space.

We founded our company in the United States and decided to enter the Costa Rican market due to its high banking level, before expanding internationally. As of today, we have been growing and we have the support of global investment funds, which have joined our mission to create a sustainable and fair unified financial system.

How is Zunify different?

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Our success comes when everyone has access to more financial resources easily and safely. That's why our network is the only one that provides all affiliated businesses, banks and fintechs with the tools to design and issue any payment product with added value in an immediate and regulated way.

Why is Zunify better for the environment than other financial options?

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In 2019, there were around 22 billion payment cards in circulation around the world. The processes related to production, packaging and transportation of these cards generate 1.8 million tons of CO2. Around 1,930 square miles of forest area are needed to capture that amount of CO2.

We provide a solution to the environmental impact generated by the plastic card industry, since our services do not require these tools. Soon, users will be able to request the opening of debit and credit accounts through Zunify, so they can choose to renounce plastic and be part of the change.

What does Zunify mean?

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Our name is the combination of the word "unify", and the "z" that symbolizes the transformation of the dollar symbol ($) in the digital world. Our color “Zunify green” alludes to our environmental commitment and our logo represents the union of two links in a chain that are integrated in the shape of a “z”.

How to pay on-site with Zunify?

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How does Zunify simplify the experience for users?

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We put our users' experience first. Our platform unifies different financial entities in one place, so that all our clients can use their existing accounts, get discounts and exclusive loyalty programs; and soon, access payment products, which include microcredits, buy now pay later, microinsurance and more from the entities affiliated to our network.

What other benefits can you get from using Zunify?

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Have you ever paid using only your email? Have you been charged in installments for grocery purchases? Have you insured your phone for $5 a month? This and more is coming on our platform. Join our mission to create a unified, sustainable and fair financial system.


What benefits do businesses and banks get from being part of this payment network?

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a) Through Zunify, merchants save the costs of developing their own platforms for the issuance of loyalty programs.

b) If there is a problem with the charge, we grant the option of making refunds in a regulated manner and within 48 hours.

c) We provide data analysis and will soon be in the most used POS and billing systems.

If a business is interested in being part of Zunify, what should they do?

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Registering takes 5 minutes through this link.                                                                                                     

I want to affiliate my business
Financial entities

What other benefits do financial entities get by joining Zunify?

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a) Our payment network and all our payment products issued through our platform can be integrated with our clients' digital platforms.

b) Issuing microcredits, Buy Now Pay Later, closed products and shared brands is now easier through our network.

What kinds of financial institutions can work with Zunify?

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We are dedicated to payments, and we want our clients to focus on their financial business. We are a strategic ally for all types of financial entities: banks, cooperatives; including wallets, super apps, challenger banks and neobanks that are issuers or acquirers.